Thursday, November 14, 2013

No Dilaudid for You!

A patient that is well known to us arrives by ambulance. We all know what he wants....the prized fix of dilaudid. He only comes in for that and amazingly seems to get it.

The doctor on shift today is one that everyone likes and respects. I think it soared to new levels after his assessment and subsequent handling of our frequent flyer.

The doctor told the patient he would do everything in his power to help him with his pain except he was not going to give him dilaudid. The patient told him, no thanks! He will sign the AMA as soon as the nurse could bring it because he said he can go down the road to another hospital that would give him the drug he wants.

Our patient who was incapacitated with so much pain, jumped off the stretcher and walked away without so much as a hitch in his step. 
Bravo Doctor! Bravo!