Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Minutes

This was my first 5 minutes with a patient who was brought in via EMS:

"I want a drink"
"I need a blanket"
"I need someone to take my shoes off"
"Help me take my pants off"
"How old are you?
"How long have you been a nurse?"
"Why are you asking me all these questions?"
"Go get my husband"
"Where's my blanket?"
"Move me up in bed, I'm uncomfortable"
"Yes, I'm allergic to all of those 15 medications"
"I started a new medicine - a pink pill. How should I know what it is..aren't YOU a nurse?"
"Can't I have some crackers before you put all these stickers on my chest."
"I have to go to the bathroom"
"Take off my socks, my feet are swollen"
"Why aren't you doing anything I'm telling you to do?"
"I'm going to have a panic attack."
"I'm having chest pain."
"I want to be a DNR."
"Where are the ambulance drivers?"
"What's your name again?"
"I don't want an IV"
"Do you know what you're doing?"
"Are you my doctor?"
"I want a blanket, a warm one."
"Don't you already have me in the computer?"
"Don't touch that arm, I can't have anything touching there."
"Are you coming back? I need things done."

I wanted to either stab myself in the ear with my pen or duct tape her mouth shut.
Why, O, why did I volunteer to pick up that shift?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freakin' Sink, but Lovin' the Dremel

I've been having some problems with my sink lately, specifically my faucet. A couple of weeks ago we found out that the side sprayer didn't work. So, I picked up a new one and replaced it with the help of hubby. After a few uses, it leaked. We discovered a rip in the hose. Back to Lowes, bought a new hose. We couldn't replace the hose because the set up under the sink was strange.
Today, my brother who once was in the construction business, took a look at it. He said that it was jerry-rigged. Really? Then he discovered that the faucet itself was leaking because the plumber never screwed in the stem properly and the base continually filled with water which rusted underneath and above the counter top. Unbelievable. I never really noticed anything until recently. Oh, and my house is only 5 years old.
So presently, as I type this, I have no faucet at all - my brother had to cut it, which lead to all of these aforementioned discoveries. I despise contractors. I don't trust them.

However, I do love my Dremel! I actually forgot I had it until today. It's such a versatile tool. I need to buy some more attachments for it. I thought of some projects that I've been meaning to do and this is the perfect tool for them.

<<My Father-in-Law bought me the Dremel for Christmas one year. I think it's the same year I asked my hubby for a chainsaw for my birthday. We lived on a few acres at the time and I wanted to do some work around the place. Now I live on a golf course, not much use for a chainsaw without the neighbors complaining about me chopping up their little trees or cute front door benches.>>

It cut through the faucet nicely. The inner part is suppose to be free afterward and easily popped though the granite. Did it happen that way? Of course not! The inner part is corroded beyond belief just like the undermount. This is the reason why my kitchen looks like the entrance to hell sans kitchen faucet.
Hopefully, it'll all be fixed tomorrow.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogging is new to me. I have a lot to learn with regard to the layouts and "special boxes" (as I call them). I've seen some terrific blogs with additions that I'd like to develop, but I guess that'll come with time.

Hubby and I went to the bookstore yesterday and found some nice gems. We were verbally sparring most of the day like siblings who are annoyed with each other. I don't know why - I guess it was the mood of the day.
He was walking to the check out counter loaded down with a bunch of books,
"You could hold some of these books for me"
I teased him and said, "What....are you a girl?"
He promptly turned around with eyebrows raised and tossed my future purchase down the aisle with a flick of his wrist - "Piss off!" And he continued to walk on.
I could not stop laughing. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world at the time. I guess you had to be there.

I started going to a chiropractor recently for lower back pain which work naturally exacerbates. I've been feeling like an old lady for a while now. I'm truly amazed by how great I feel. No more lower back pain, no more ocular migraines, and both of my legs are now even (I've worn a lift in orthotics since high school). The difference was small, so it wasn't like I was walking around like a peg legged pirate, but I knew.
I'm a big fan....actually a HUGE fan of my chiropractor. I think everyone needs a little back cracking in their lives.