Thursday, November 13, 2014

Frozen Toes and Oranges

I was outside about to close my garage since it got dark and the weather turned frigid. I noticed this little kid running up my driveway. He was completely under dressed for the weather and wearing only socks.
"What the hell?"
I recognized him when he got closer and saw it was my son's friend from down the block.
"Hey Bobby, what are you doing outside?"
"You have to come quick, Jason is choking and my mom sent me to get you."
"What?!! Is he breathing?"
"No, please come quickly, he's in trouble."

I yelled to my son to stay here and that I would be back.
I started running down the block in my slippers and sweats, halfway there I was absolutely freezing.
"What is he choking on?"
"He was eating an orange and I think it got stuck."

Once I arrived at his house, his mother was standing outside with the 2 year old. He was being held closely to his mother's chest and breathing.

"I'm so sorry to bring you out in this. He finally threw up and it cleared his throat."
I looked him over and made sure that I couldn't hear anything obvious when he breathed deeply.
"Did you call 911?"
"No, we had to call an ambulance one time and it took them 25 minutes to get here. I thought you could help faster than they could. Sorry again. He's fine now."

I told her if she had an emergency, she could call me, but to make sure to call 911 too.
Once I returned home my toes were frozen. I need to get thicker slippers.