Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Makes sense....

So I decided to take the plunge and told the counselor from the behavioral health unit that I wanted to interview with their director. He told me what to do to submit my resume to her. I did what I was instructed to do and received a call from HR.
She told me that I would have to put in transfer paperwork and have my director sign it. I said that I haven't spoken to my director yet about cross training to psych and would not quit the ER, just pick up shifts over there.
"Oh, I don't know if anyone has done that before.You were hired specifically for the ER and not the float pool."

Now I know I can because I've picked up shifts in the ICU when I was getting bare minimum shifts in the ER. As a matter of fact, they recently used another nurse in the ICU that way too. What's the difference?

I asked her, "How can I put in a transfer when I don't even know if I have a position over there?"
She said this is how it is done. So....I put in for a transfer to a unit that I haven't even interviewed for or have a secured position and flag myself to my director that I want to spend time on another unit?


This has happened to other nurses who get so frustrated with this process that ultimately they leave the hospital all together. So, instead of allowing them to transfer to another unit in the hospital, the hospital loses a good nurse.

Makes sense.