Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to School

I've spent a considerably amount of time trying to find something else to do besides nursing in my area. I've been unsuccessful. Or perhaps I'm not that creative. Regardless, I made the jump and started going back to school. I'm not thrilled with it, but I'll do it in order to get away from being a bedside nurse. I can't envision my aging future as an ER nurse, running around, dealing with the constant stress and frankly, turning into a geriatric grump.

We had a video information session that I missed due to work. The professor posted it for those that missed it. My God, it was frustrating. There are a lot of dumb asses in this course. The questions asked could have been answered by simply reading the message he wrote to all of us which was posted under "START HERE". I don't think many people started there. So...for an hour video, there must have been perhaps 10 minutes of quality information.

"Do I need my book for the first week? I haven't bought my book." Really?!
"How do I find my TA?"  He had just finished speaking about that and performed a demonstration on the whole process.
"I need a video chat with you because I can't find the TA."  Slaps head.
He would show us how to perform simple tasks that were already addressed in the START HERE message and people would still ask about it.
At the end, the cherry on top was the final question, asked for the 5th time, "Do I need my book or can I use the power point for the test?"
I couldn't help but yell out at my computer.

I noticed 4 categories of students in this class. Those that were totally clueless and verbal about it, one guy that was quite funny with good questions, one man that was a complete kiss ass (for lack of a better term), and the quiet masses that we're either trying to get information from the chat and yelling at their computer or they had simply fallen asleep.

I take my first test today.

-----On a side note: After 4 weeks, hubby's leg still hurt as much as the first day. We went back to the ortho doc who did another x-ray (making it his 4th). We discovered he's been walking around (if you want to call it walking) on a fractured leg for the past month. We were happy to finally have a diagnosis for his leg. It also means that he'll be spending another 2 months home. The motorcycle is still broken and sitting in the garage. I'm okay with that.