Monday, January 5, 2015

My Holiday: Leave Mommy Alone, I have to Study.

The holidays were rough this year. Mostly due to time - there was not enough of it for me, it seems. I started my journey to obtain my BSN in a year. Since I already have a degree, I mainly have to take nursing courses except for 2 classes. In order to follow my year plan, I had to figure out how to take a 3 credit computer class in the least amount of time.. somehow. I found a 15 day "mini-mester" course at a local community college. I have never taken one of these courses, so I expected the course load to be heavy, but much could you fit into 2 weeks? Well, I discovered - all of it.
In those 2 weeks, they managed to map out reading the whole text, a quiz on every chapter with 3 exams and one comprehensive final, 10 discussion posts, and 10 labs in various computer programs and online research. Unfortunately, I had scheduled some shifts to work during this time which added the stress of doing double on the days I had off. Most days I had around 10-14 hours of schoolwork.
This was a big mistake on my part because it was during the weeks of Christmas & New Years. I have no real background in computers - I was sitting at my computer trying to learn how to write html code in notepad because I had to design a simple website and thought, "What the f#@* was I thinking by taking this class?!!".

I had to pass on a lot of our Christmas traditions this year. I didn't have time to send out cards (except one to my former patient that lived when I was in EMS - see previous year's post), I couldn't have my Christmas cookie bake day that my kids look forward to, I didn't have time to take them to see the light display at a local park. I did manage to triple up on one day (it nearly killed me) in order to have Christmas Eve with no school work so I could make 2 batches of cookies with the kids. They were very understanding and still enjoyed it.

My daughter asked me if I plan on taking a class like this again. She said it was too crazy because I would go into my office around 9am and ask them not to disturb me. I would pop out for breaks and ultimately be done well after they went to bed. Laundry was piling up, housework was non existent although everyone helped as much as they could. I'm glad it's over, but I feel like I missed the holiday experience this past year.

I'm still catching up with doing things around the house and my other obligations that were ignored. I've got 2 weeks before my next class starts and 3 weeks until my second one begins. This is going to be a rough year.