Friday, September 19, 2014

Time to Heal

Hubby is now in an ortho boot. Thankfully, after an ultrasound and follow up with an orthopedic surgeon, he does not have to have pins placed and his hematomas do not have to be evacuated. He tore ligaments in his lower leg which will require time to heal. So, he's gimping around in his franken foot. It'll be another 4 weeks and then a follow up.
He's not too happy about being incapacitated for such a long time, but that's a chance you take when you ride a motorcycle. Yes, you can clearly see I'm not a fan, not at all.

On the positive side, I get to see him every day. Normally, his career requires him to be gone for 24 hour periods. It's nice to have him home every evening. I figured I would have to wait until after his retirement to have this type of time together. The kids like it too. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Days Post Crash

It's been 10 days since the motorcycle accident.

The following Monday, I called his PCP to make an appointment for a follow up.
They asked the reason for the visit and once I told the receptionist, she cut me off.
"We don't see patients that have been in a car accident."
"He wasn't in a car accident, it was a motorcycle accident."
"Uh, yeah, we don't see those patients."

Before I could say another word, she placed me on hold. Someone else picked up the line and asked me what I needed.

"I need to make an appointment for my husband."
"Well, we don't see patients involved in accidents."
"Okay. Who does he need to see then? He was told to follow up with his PCP. He needs to see a doctor. Dr. *(^&)*^ is his doctor."
"Please hold."

I was not arguing with these people, more like flabbergasted that they refused to see an established patient.

"This is the office manager. We do not see patients that have been in any type of motor vehicle accident."
"Yes, that has been established quite clearly. What I am trying to find out is who WILL see him."
"Look the reason for this is because we do not get involved in disputes between parties about which insurance will cover what medical bills."

Ahh, so it's a money thing - always a money thing.

"There was no other party involved. If I call his medical insurance company, the one you have on file and they say they will cover the visit, then can he see the doctor?"

I had to have my husband call the insurance company because they said they had to talk to the patient directly. Sigh. Once that was all hashed out, I called back and got an appointment for later that day.

I went to change his road rash dressing and my heart sank as I took the bandages off. He had a massive infection that would need IV antibiotics. Shit! Now I had to call the doctor's office again and speak to the nurse about my assessment. She said she would call me back after informing the doctor. I waited, then waited a little more. I called back and wouldn't you know it, they were at lunch.

I wanted to kick small kittens and puppies at that point.

I guess once their lunch was finished, she called me back and told me that she would cancel the appointment and to go to the ER. I was already on my way, had texted my charge nurse that we were en route and she had saved a room for him.

What a cluster%^&*.

Ultimately, he got the antibiotics, his arm was improving the next day and I still had to make a follow up PCP appointment.

I saved that for another day. Small animals stay away from me!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The PITA Patient

I looked at the patient and knew he was going to be a pain in the ass.
He was in a motorcycle accident and fell onto his left side resulting in road rash to the left forearm with a deep laceration, shoulder pain, and left lower leg pain.

I got some pillows and ice packs for his leg and arm. While I was elevating his leg, he exclaimed, "Urrgh! That hurts. Leave it alone."
"You need to elevate it. Of course it hurts, you were in an accident."
"Seriously, leave it alone."
"No, let me do my thing. Stop being so prissy - I know you're in pain."
He made a stern grimacing face at me.

When he returned from radiology, I had some things together to clean up his arm abrasions before the doctor irrigated the laceration.
"Okay, this is going to hurt," I stated.
"I know. Stop saying that."
"Saying what?"
"That it's going to hurt. You keep saying that."
"Well, it is."
"Ya know, your bedside manner sucks."
"Do you want to do this yourself?"
"Then be nice. Seriously, you're kind of a sucky patient."

I cleaned the area and it hurt - Just. Like. I. Told. Him.
I gave him some pain medications beforehand, but it was all raw, exposed skin.

After discharge, I rolled a wheelchair into the room.

"I don't want to be in a wheelchair."
"You can't walk on that leg. Just sit in the chair and I'll roll you out to the car."

He made a sigh and a grimace trying to get into the chair.
I drove the patient home.
I swear, my husband is going to be such a pain in the ass through this whole ordeal.
I hate motorcycles.