Friday, September 6, 2013

Stop taking meth and feel better!

"Okay, I'm going to discharge you now and take out your saline lock."
"Wait, why am I all jittery?"
"Well, because you've been taking meth for 2 days."
"Wait, what are all of these things all over my arm?"
"I just took your blankets off of you. Those are goosebumps from being cold."
"Wait, why do I feel so bad?"
"Because you've been taking meth. Don't do that anymore."
"I want to speak to the doctor. I don't like you or your answers!"

"Doctor, why am I jittery?"
"You went on a meth binge. Don't take meth if you don't want to feel this way."
"What are these things all over my arms?"
Looks at her arm, "goosebumps."
"Wait, doctor, I feel bad, why do I feel so bad?"
"You took meth for 2 days. Stop taking meth and you'll feel better."

She didn't like the doctor's answers either.

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