Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thanks to Barbie, I'm an Orthopedic Surgeon!!

My daughter was talking about school and how they were discussing professions. She said everyone told the class what one of their parents did for a living. So I asked her if she spoke about me or her father.

"I told them what you did Mommy and how you are an orthopedic surgeon."
"Aren't you an orthopedic surgeon?"
"What did your teacher say?"
"She said, 'Wow, I did not know that.'"
"Our neighbor is an orthopedic surgeon, I am not one. Where did you get this from?"
"I thought you were one."
I'm utterly confused at this point. "Uh...no. Where do I work?"
"The ER."
"What do I do there?"
"Umm, you're a doctor?"
"What? No, I'm a nurse, honey. I didn't go to medical school. You should know that."
"But don't you cut people open in the ER?"
"I try very hard not to." (lol)
"But you fixed Lisa's (a friend of my daughter) Barbie leg that time. Remember?"
"Yes, but fixing a doll's leg doesn't make me an orthopedic surgeon. I'm an ER nurse."

If I had known that popping Barbie's legs back into their sockets made me a surgeon, I would have been billing patients a long time ago.

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