Saturday, January 25, 2014

And It Begins.....

The first wave of the predicted mass exodus of nurses has begun. Four nurses have given notice and we are in our last two weeks of having a full complement. One of the nurses said that she knows that another clump of resignations will happen soon, but she didn't want to give any names.
I heard the next wave of lay offs are going to be implemented soon. I was told that CNAs, techs and unit secretaries will be next. I don't know if there's truth in any of it, but if that happens, then I guess I'll have no choice, but to give my notice and move on to less hazardous pastures.
I hope this is just a nasty rumor although I thought the same thing with the rumors about security and housekeeping. I asked our big honcho ER doc if they were planning on closing our hospital and he said 'no'. He said that if we see him jumping ship, then we should do the same.
All eyes are watching him closely.....


  1. Bummer... I hope conditions don't get worse for you. :(

  2. Stand by.....unfortunately, they are.