Saturday, August 23, 2014


I finally interviewed with the psych manager. She was very laid back and stated, several times, that it wasn't rocket science - the biggest responsibility was to keep the patients safe. I gave her my available days in September which were few because my schedule had already been made for my other jobs. I haven't heard back yet, so I'm waiting. I find it strange that there was such a big rush initially and now no rush. Oh well, I'll wait.

The common theme in the main ER where I work is that the computer charting system is "not conducive to our work." The throughput of patients slowed down to a crawl because of this inadequate system that administration has chosen to put in place. The doctors, NPs, PAs, and nurses have decided to chart and process all orders according to the wishes of the admin. This has resulted in a slow moving ER. They have cross trained several nurses from other departments into the ER and all have expressed their dissatisfaction with the chosen charting system. I find it amusing. I'll be interested to see what admin does or if they do anything. Anyway, I have decided to work minimal shifts here and stay out of all the politics.
We'll see what happens.....

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