Wednesday, October 3, 2012

100 and Counting...

I walked into my new patient's room while looking at her chart and prepared for the worst. She was a 100 year old lady with a chief complaint that I knew would warrant a hospital admission.
I was shocked when I walked into the room. The patient appeared to be in her late 60's. I looked down at her chart again to verify the age I thought I had read.

"Yes, I'm 100 years old dear. I don't think the people I spoke with earlier believed me."

Her daughter was bedside and I thought she was older than the patient. I started talking to the patient and began my assessment.
"When did you last eat?"
"I only had 2 cups of coffee this morning. I like my morning coffee."
"Me too, but I haven't had it yet."
"Oh sweetie, you really should get your coffee in the morning, it really perks me right up."

"What medications do you take?" I waited for pages of meds to list.
"Only 3....."  Really? Wow. I've had patients who were my age taking pages and pages of medications.

"When was the last time you were in the hospital?"
"Oh, not too long the late 1970s"
   "No Mom, it was in the 1980....I think 1988."
"Oh yes, that's right 1988. I can't believe I'm back here again."

My LOL (little old lady) was spunky, sharp as a tack and had a keen sense of humor that I took full advantage of.

As I was starting her IV, I asked her, "So, Mrs Soandso, would you tell me your secret to looking so young and being a vibrant 100 year old."
"Umm, I don't know."
"That's okay, don't tell me your secret then. You're keeping it to yourself. I see how you are."
She laughed and gently slapped my arm.

Then she asked, "Do you think the doctor is going to keep me here very long?"
"Well, I believe so. Your doctor wants you to be admitted to the hospital."
"Hmmm, what if I just jumped up and ran out of here?"
"If you're going to jump up and run out of here with all of these wires attached to you then let me know first. I want to get my cup of coffee and sit here and watch you do it."
"You want me to be your entertainment this morning? I'll oblige."
"Mrs. Soandso, you're already entertaining me!"

What a sweet, spunky lady. I have no doubt she'll live a lot longer than 100 years. It's so refreshing to have a patient like this. You have no idea.....


  1. I'm glad you get a good pt. every once in a while! I was beginning to think I was going to have to fly down there, fake an injury, and show up in your ER just so you could have decent pt. for a change. Well, "decent" isn't really the right word; more like "excellent"... and humble to boot!! ;-)

  2. Well, if you do that, then I'll cure you and take you to out for a dinner and a beer! :-)

  3. I too am blessed/cursed with the looking younger thing...I say blessed for obvious reasons, and cursed because so many people think I'm in my late 20's-early 30's that they also think I had my kids when I was in high school... but if that's my biggest concern when I'M 100....