Friday, August 31, 2012

Paging Dr. Ass

A patient arrived by ambulance for some very minor injury, very minor. She was triaged at an ESI level 4.
I got her situated in the room and told her that her chart would go into the doctor's rack. She would be seen soon.

"How long is soon?"

"As soon as a doctor picks up the chart and comes into the room. I don't know what patients they are seeing right now, but you will be seen soon."

"You tell the doctor to get his ass in here now!! ASS HERE NOW!!"

"I'll relay your message..."

I told the doctors in their computer room what the patient had said. One of them took the chart, looked it over, and placed it back in the rack.
"I'll be in there later.....I just ate lunch and my ass will be ready to talk to her in about an hour."

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