Sunday, April 21, 2013

6:00 PM

I realize that the ER is considered an orchestrated flow of chaos, however, being the Type A/OCD-ish person I am, I still have a few rituals that I need to perform when I'm there.

For instance, at the beginning of my shift I will always check out my rooms and stock them. I know the techs are suppose to do this, but you know, they have so many rooms to do and rarely get to all of them once the place get jumping. I absolutely hate when I need something in the room during an emergency and it's not there. It gets all over me. Even if I'm busy from the time I start the shift, I will still make lists and stock as I go.
At the end of my shift (I normally work 7a-7p or a variation of that), around 5:30, I'll get all paperwork in order, restock any stuff I've used, and try to get my patients all situated before I give report. That way, if I get a new ambulance, then there is just one person to work on. It doesn't always work out that way, but I do my best to give the night shift a fair start.

There has been another trend (aside from getting those 2 codes per shift) that I've been noticing the past few shifts. I find it weird. At 6:00pm, and I'm talking on-the-dot, I've been receiving critical patients.
One shift, a cardiac arrest who arrived at 6:00pm. The patient was saved and in the cath lab by 6:22. Well, any nurse knows the piles of paperwork to do with something like that and the subsequent tracking of controlled medications, equipment used, etc. It threw off my mojo. That's okay, I work in the ER - I expect it.
The next shift, around 5:40 a state trooper walks up to the desk. We figured he was there for a DWI blood draw.
"I'm here for the MVC (motor vehicle crash) patient."
"Umm....we don't have anyone here like that."
"You will. Everyone died in the crash except him."
The other nurse and I looked at each other then walked over to the docs to forewarn them. Upon hearing the information, one doc exclaimed, "Well, that patient is f***ed!"
Anyway, he arrived guessed it 6:00pm.

If this trend continues, then I guess I'll have to rearrange my OCD rituals. We'll see tomorrow....of course, I could get assigned to fast track and break the trend.

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