Saturday, April 27, 2013

More for Less

Okay, this is not an ER post, but it's been something that I've noticed lately.

In this economy, prices have increased for everything. I'm getting sick of it, quite frankly. I noticed that the items I buy at the grocery store have not only gone up, but I'm getting less of it. The packaging is the same, but the particular item is either smaller or there are less items per package.

I like to eat a couple of granola bars before going to work. God only knows if I'll get a lunch break during my 12 hour shift, so at least I had something to eat during the day. The actual granola bar is about 25% smaller, yet the price for the box went up around 40 cents and the wrapper is the same size. It really irks me.

I make sugar free juice for my kids and keep a container in the frig for them. It takes 2 packets to fill the container. The package that the mix is in has 6 packets - now there are only 5 in them. I discovered that this morning.

I guess I could be the crazy lady and write my rantings to the companies. Give them a good tongue lashing and let them know that we, the consumers, are on to their little scheme. However, I don't think it'll do anything. I guess I'll either research alternatives to my favorite things or just suck it up and take it like everyone else.


  1. It's horrible isn't it??? If they are going to make us pay more for an item, fine. But, don't double dip and give us less! Highway robbery!

  2. I know. It really ticks me off! I think the companies believe that we won't notice and that's what gets my goat!