Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Motorcycle Driving Freshman

Whenever I have pediatric patient, I love to joke with them (I call it "mess" with them). I normally ask if they go to college or drive a car - they normally laugh and say 'no silly, I'm only 6 years old!'. It's goofy, but I have fun with them.
The doctor asked if I had just a few minutes to sit with this kid in the hallway while he examined his family member. Sure. I started my little routine about asking the questions to pass the time.

"So, do you go to school?" The boy was 5 years old.
"Do you go to college?"
"Yes." He was serious. I was amused.
"Really? What year are you?"
"What's your major?"
"I don't know yet."
Hmmmm.....This kid is a good fibber.
"How do you get to classes? Do you drive?"
"What kind of car do you have?"
"A motorcycle."
He then talked about his motorcycle. He was very specific.

Maybe he was in college too.....


  1. Mhhhh!
    Pathological lying? Short stature? Older brother who goes to college? Child prodigy? Mmmmh...

    1. Possibly child prodigy, he said his GPA was higher than mine.

  2. You just met the latest MENSA candidate...

  3. I believed his motorcycle story when I saw the back of his T-shirt. It read, "If you can read this, the biotch fell off"! :-)