Saturday, August 24, 2013

What If.......

My son has been going through a long period of asking "what if..." It drives me crazy at times.

'Honey, don't climb on the outside of the stair railing, the railing could break and you could get hurt.'
"Mommy, what if it broke?"
'Then you could fall backwards and get hurt.'
"What if I got hurt? What would I hurt?"
'Well, you would hurt your back and hit your head and have a head injury.'
"What if I had a head injury?"
'Then I would have to take you to the ER and I'm not going to work today.'
"What if..."

One day he asked me about knee replacements. What?!!
He wanted to know all about them, what they used, how they do it, what the scar would look like.
I told him the basics of what I knew, but he wanted to know very specific things. I told him to ask the orthopedic surgeon that lives in our neighborhood because I didn't know.
'Wait, why do you want to know about knee replacements?'
He shrugs, "I was thinking about it."
'How do you know about knee replacements? Where did you hear about them?'
"I don't know."
My son is seven years old, why knee replacements?!!

Endless questions for all situations of what if...

The other day I decided to mess with him. He wanted me to take a sip of his sour lemonade which he loves and I dislike. I declined to take the sip. He insisted.
"Well, what if you were at the bottom of a well and you had no food or drink except this lemonade to drink. Would you take a sip then?"
'A well?!! What am I doing at the bottom of a well?'
"You fell into it."
'How did I do that?'
"You were walking and fell in."
'Where was I going?'
"To the store."
'What type of store?'
"A grocery store."
'If I was going to the grocery store, then I would drive the car. Where is this well?'
"Ummm...I don't know."
'Then how would you give me the lemonade?'
"So you're not going to take a sip?"
'No, peanut. You drink it.'



  1. Better to have him asking about knee replacements than other surgeries or procedures I can think of...

    "Mom, what's a colonoscopy? You mean they stick a camera in THERE??"

    "Mom, what does augmentation mean? They do?? How BIG? Why would anyone do that??"

    (First question is on my mind because it's been 5 years already and I got a reminder notice in the mail. Second one because..... well, just because.)

    1. Yes, the second one I would expect from you. A DOM must never disappoint!